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The Bagpiper


Calum Faéorin-Cruich

So this was where my piping career started, at my Granny's house outside Dunoon in Argyll on the West coast of Scotland over 48 years ago.
My name is from the Gaelic and means the fairy folk or magic folk from the Scottish West coast mountain of Ben Cruachan.
I played for various pipe bands in Scotland  and also played the pipes for a troupe of travelling ex world champion highland dancers.
I was taught the pipes by Andy Tait of Dunoon, Nephew of the great Pipe Major John McLellan DCM,  Highlind Light Infintary and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders  who was also a great friend of my grandfathers,  George Montgomery of Dunoon.
I was given the great honour of playing for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she visited the West coast of Scotland in 1982 to launch a ship at Fergusons shipyard on the river Clyde.
I was also given the great honour of playing for the vice president of the United States Walter Frederick "Fritz" Mondale when he visited the Americian submarine base at the Holy Loch back in 1980. 
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I was official piper to the United States Navy Polaris and Poseidon nuclear submarine base at the Holy Loch in Scotland.

I piped for his Grace The Duke of Argyll and Hereditary chieftain of Clan Campbell at Inveraray Castle.
I piped for the chieftain, John MacSporran of the clan MacSporran at their international gathering in Greenock Scotland.
My piping career has taken me all over the world and I have been exceptionally lucky to be involved in so many special events and meeting so many exceptional people that I would not have normally have met.
I have played at hundreds of Weddings, Burn's Suppers and Coroporate events over the years so I am well versed in what the client expects in the way of a professional service.
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Thank you,
Calum Faeorin-Cruich
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